Hoverwatch Review: Pros-Cons, Features & Cost [Updated 2021]

Please note, This article ⁠— Hoverwatch review is updated in February 2021 to point out bad and finer points of Hoverwatch mobile and desktop spying tool including, features, pros, cons, and cost.

hoverwatch review

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In the age of modern technology, we spend a lot of time using our smartphones and computers. While such devices can be quite useful in so many ways, there are also many inappropriate things available out there. 

As a result, keeping track of all the devices of your family members is quite important. But manually checking someone’s smartphone or computer is not a viable option. 

And this is where device monitoring programs come into play. They allow you to remotely check the activity of any smartphone or computer that you have. 

While there are various such monitoring apps out there, today we are here with Hoverwatch.

And in this Hoverwatch review, you will learn everything related to Hoverwatch spying software. 

We will show how you can install and use Hoverwatch on all of your devices. Not only that, but you will also get to learn about the functioning of Hoverwatch in this article – Hoverwatch review.

Apart from that, you can find the major features and options of this program which can be useful if you are looking for such an application for your smartphone.

Therefore, if you want to track and monitor the smartphones of your family members, make sure to go through this Hoverwatch review until the end.

What is Hoverwatch? (Hoverwatch Review)

hoverwatch review
Hoverwatch Review

Hoverwatch is a best monitoring software designed primarily for smartphones by Refog, Inc. It allows the user to track all the activities of a smartphone which includes various things. For example, it can track the location of the device, record calls, and give you all data of text messages.

hoverwatch location spying

This is a view of the Hoverwatch dashboard for location tracking.

Hoverwatch can also spy on Whatsapp, Facebook Messenger, Hike, and other messaging apps as well.

Hoverwatch Whatsapp Spying

This screenshot of spying Whatsapp is directly taken from the Hoverwatch dashboard.

Apart from supporting Android smartphones, Hoverwatch can also be installed on Windows and macOS computers. 

But no matter which device you install Hoverwatch on, it proves to be a great monitoring software.

Hoverwatch keeps running in the background of your devices anonymously. As a result, the user will not even know that Hoverwatch has been installed on the device. 

And once you have Hoverwatch running on a device, it will start recording all the activities of that device in the background. 

It records things like messages, phone calls, keystrokes, browsing history, and even location. 

According to me, It is the only best monitoring software that you should use across all of your devices. 

When we compare it to other monitoring software available on the internet, Hoverwatch is quite easy to use when you consider all of the advanced features and options it offers.

How does Hoverwatch Work for Device Monitoring?

Hoverwatch works quite efficiently when it comes to monitoring your devices. It quietly runs in the background of your devices — collecting data — recording all the activities of the device.

hoverwatch spy text messages

To make sure that Hoverwatch works properly, you have to make sure that it has all the required permissions. 

On a Windows computer, Hoverwatch uses administrative access for the same. Once this program has all of the required permissions, it can monitor and access all of the other applications installed on your device. 

As a result, it monitors your device by recording all of the activities made by the user.

Major Features of Hoverwatch

When compared to other tracking software, Hoverwatch has a lot of useful features. As a result, it is quite better than its alternatives. 

These features make this tracking tool more functional for the user. And before using this program on any of your devices, you should know its features. By knowing more about the features of this program, you will be able to use to the full extent. 

Unfortunately, since Hoverwatch is available for multiple platforms, there are a lot of features in total. As a result, mentioning all of them in this Hoverwatch review is not possible. 

Therefore, we are here with the major features of Hoverwatch for Android. And if you are going to install Hoverwatch, make sure to go through the following features one by one:

Call Recording

Hoverwatch records all of the calls placed from your Android smartphone.

Call History

You can even check the details of all of the calls placed from your smartphone. It includes outgoing, incoming, as well as missed calls.

Location Tracking

Hoverwatch allows you to check the live location of your smartphone.

Browsing History

You can even check all of the web pages accessed over the internet with your Android smartphone.

Camera Access

Hoverwatch users can remotely take a photo from their Android smartphone. It allows you to know the surroundings of your smartphone if it gets lost.

How much does Hoverwatch Cost?

Most of the tracking software out there are not free since they offer a lot of features and options. And since you already know all of the features offered by Hoverwatch, it cannot be free. 

But when compared to its alternatives, Hoverwatch is undoubtedly quite affordable. Hoverwatch offers both monthly as well as yearly subscription plans to its users. Not only that, but you can also choose between personal, professional, and business plans.

hoverwatch cost

The only difference between these three plans is the number of devices supported at once.

In personal plan, you can use Hoverwatch on only one device, in the professional program, you can track up to five devices, and if you are choosing the business plan, you can spy on 25 devices.

The subscription charges of Hoverwatch is as following;

Hoverwatch Personal Plan Pricing

The cost of a monthly personal plan for Hoverwatch is $19.95/month, for the quarterly plan it will cost you $59.95, and the price of a yearly personal plan is $99.95.

Hoverwatch Professional Plan Pricing

Hoverwatch also has a professional plan which will cost you $49.95/month for the monthly plan, quarterly plan stands at $99.95, and the annual plan will cost you $199.95.

Hoverwatch Business Plan Pricing

The business plan starts at $149.95/month, the quarterly plan stands at $299.95, and if you’re opting for the annual plan, it will cost you $499.95.

Hoverwatch Free Trial

If you want to try out Hoverwatch and its major features, you can do it for free. 

Hoverwatch offers 3-day free trial access to its users. This trial plan can be an excellent option for easily checking out all of the features offered by Hoverwatch.

Pros & Cons of Hoverwatch

Just like any other program out there, Hoverwatch is also not a perfect program. Every tracking software like Hoverwatch has its pros and cons. 

But before you go for any tracking software, you should know about these pros-cons which I’ve mentioned below. 

They can help you in deciding the best tracking software for your needs and requirements.

So, if you are interested in using Hoverwatch for tracking your devices, make sure to go through the following pros and cons:

Hoverwatch ProsHoverwatch Cons
User Interface: Hoverwatch offers an excellent user interface on all of the supported platforms. This user interface makes Hoverwatch quite easy to use. It is a great thing for new users who have never used monitoring software in the past.Pricing: Both the monthly and annual personal plans of Hoverwatch are quite affordable. Unfortunately, that is not the case with the family (professional) and business plan of this tracking program. When compared to its alternatives, both plans could have been cheaper.
Tracking Reports: All of the monitored data saved by Hoverwatch can be seen by checking the reports. These Tracking Reports show you all of the monitored data in a specific format. It makes understanding the data and user activity quite easy. Not only that, but you can even filter these reports to check activities of a particular period.iOS Support: Hoverwatch supports most of the platforms out there, including Android, Windows, and Mac. But it does not have the support for iOS devices. As a result, if you have an iOS device, then you have to use other programs for monitoring it.
Compatibility: One of the best things about Hoverwatch is that it is supported on various platforms. As a result, you can use this program for monitoring all of your devices. And the best part about this is that you can use the same Hoverwatch account with all of your devices.No Screen Capture: As mentioned earlier, Hoverwatch offers a lot of tracking features. Although it does not have a screen capture option which is available in a lot of tracking software, it allows you to view the contents on the screen of your devices in real-time.
Easy to Set Up: Apart from being quite easy to use, Hoverwatch is also easy to install. No matter which device you are using, you can install it on your device quite easily. The initial set up process is also quite simple in this advanced monitoring system.

How to Install Hoverwatch on your Devices?

Now that you know a lot of things about Hoverwatch, the chances are that you want to install it on your devices. And since it even offers a three-day trial, it means that you can download and install it for free. 

While installing Hoverwatch is quite easy when it comes to tracking software, you might face issues if you are new to such programs. Not only that but the installation process for all of the different platforms is different.

As a result, we are here with the complete in-depth guide which you can follow for installing Hoverwatch on your device. 

We have also provided the download links for Hoverwatch in this review article. You can use these to download the latest version of Hoverwatch for all of the supported platforms. 

So, if you want to monitor your devices using Hoverwatch, make sure to go through the following installation methods one by one:

How to Install Hoverwatch on Android Devices?

Step-1: First, visit this page and buy a plan of Hoverwatch.

Step-2: You will get your log in details by the email >> login with your Hoverwatch account by visiting their official site.

Step-3: After that, click on the Android option to download the latest version of Hoverwatch APK file on your device.

Step-4: Now, go to the Settings app on your smartphone and go to the Security settings. In here, scroll down or use the search option to find the Unknown Sources option. After that, simply enable this option on your Android smartphone to allow the installation of APK files.

Step-5: Once it is done, open any file explorer on your Android device like ES File Explorer. Use this file explorer to navigate to the Downloads folder in your smartphone’s internal storage. Now, open the Hoverwatch APK file downloaded earlier in this review article.

Step-6: The APK installer on your Android smartphone will then ask for the permissions required by Hoverwatch. Once you allow these, Hoverwatch will get installed on your Android smartphone within a few seconds.

Step-7: After that, open Hoverwatch on your smartphone and allow the required permissions using the popup on your screen. Finally, log in with your Hoverwatch account after which you can start monitoring your Android device.

That’s it.

How to Install Hoverwatch on your Windows PC?

Step-1: First, visit this page and buy a plan of Hoverwatch.

Step-2: Next step is to check your email box for login details. Now, login to Hoverwatch by visiting their official website.

Step-3: Here, on the next screen, click on Windows option. Doing so will download the .exe installer file for Hoverwatch on your computer.

Step-4: After that, press Windows Key + E on your keyboard to open Windows Explorer. Use this to open the Downloads folder on your computer and locate the Hoverwatch Installer file downloaded earlier.

Step-5: Now, open this installer file and proceed with the instructions on your screen to successfully install Hoverwatch on Windows PC.

Step-6: Finally, open Hoverwatch on your PC by selecting the Run as Administrator option. Once you have done that, Hoverwatch will start monitoring your Windows PC.

That’s it.

How to Install Hoverwatch on macOS?

Step-1: Just like above methods, visit this page and buy a plan of Hoverwatch.

Step-2: Now, Check your email box for login details. Now, login to Hoverwatch by visiting their official website.

Step-3: In the next screen, Click on macOS option to download the Hoverwatch for Mac.

Step-4: After that, open the downloaded installer file for Hoverwatch on your Mac. Then, follow the given instructions on your screen one by one to successfully install Hoverwatch.

Step-5: Now, open Hoverwatch and log in with your Hoverwatch account and allow all required permissions.

Step-6: Finally, click on the Finish button after which Hoverwatch will start running in the background of your Mac. 

You can then monitor this device by accessing your Hoverwatch account using any web browser.

The Bottom Line

We hope that you are now able to monitor smartphones of your family members after reading this Hoverwatch review. 

If you haven’t tried it yet, you can do so by downloading Hoverwatch by using the download link provided in this review article. 

You can also find the complete method which you can use to install Hoverwatch on your Android, Mac, and Windows devices. 

Not only that, but we have also mentioned all of the major pros and cons of Hoverwatch in this article – Hoverwatch Review. 

In case you liked this Hoverwatch review, then help us by sharing it on social media. 

If you have any doubts, feel free to ask us in the comments section below.

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